Take those firepots out of the closet!

Quickly & easily convert your existing or new FirePot to burn the AMAZING NEW non-volatile firepot fuel SUPER-BIO-FUEL NOW SAFER!

CROSSFIRE FirePot Conversion kits

CROSSFIRE wicks simply slide into your existing or new Fire Pot or table top fireplace converting your open-cup burner to create the safest FirePot solution.

CROSSFIRE is available in 2 sizes to fit almost all brands of Fire Pots and Tabletop Fireplaces.

CFR-N fits burners manufactured by Napa Home & Garden and other brands with cups 2.4" diam. x 3.4" H.
CFR-O fits burners manufactured by Bird Brain and other manufacturers with cups 2.3" diam. x 3.1" H.


#The Safest Fuel For Fire Pots & Party Lites.

The SUPER-BIO-FUEL Advantage:

It's Safer!

Due to its naturally high flash point, it's not flammable at room temperature unlike ethanol gel
(requires CROSSFIRE™ wick to sustain flame).

It's Non-Toxic & Environmentaly safe!

Recycled, purified, sustainable and generates no harmful exhaust.
Rated as Non-flammable' by the DOT.

It's your best choice for ethanol fuel!

It's clean burning and generates no toxic fume. No Soot, No Smoke, and
No Odor! Only exhaust is CO2 and water vapor.

Burns longer than ethanol or ethanol gel

Tall beautiful flames, unlike canned gel fuel, flames stay active at top of
tabletop fire place burner - It's the consumer's choice.

Laboratory Tested!

Certified for emissions and safety by an independent third-party lab. Safe to
store indoors; Ideally suited for RV & Marine use.

Proudly Made in the USA!

SUPER-BIO-FUEL™ is not a fossil fuel. It's a sustainable, renewable energy source that's purified, enhanced and recycled!.



"I was ready to toss my Fire Pots when I found SUPERBIOFUEL™. Glad I didn't. It's safer to handle than ethanol gel fuel & beautiful flames - Thanks!"
- Win Alexander Greensboro, NC

"I tried canned ethanol gel fuel and was disappointed with the quality of the flames. SUPERBIOFUEL™ gives me lively, tall flames that "dance" into the night..."
- Jane Legg Chino, Ca

"Unlike the canned fuel gel I burned, the CROSSFIRE™ wick kept the flame at the top of my portable fireplace providing a lively flame thru the entire burn without the danger associated with ethanol fire gel."
- Bob Valentino